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When it comes to games, children are fascinated. This is because games make them forget the pressure they have in schools. Some schools put a lot of pressure on the children and make them depressed and lazy. They make academic standards difficult for children to study and cut down on recreation periods to compensate them for teaching academic classes. Games are the only recreation that children have. Cutting down these classes will make them depressed and pressurized due to continuous classes and tests. Parents need to understand this and take children out to play. Be it a two-year-old child or a 15-year-old child, children should go out and play. Playing outdoors has a lot of benefits than playing indoors.


Playing outdoors

Children who are taken out to play seem to enjoy nature. They play, run, climb, jump and swim. Some children also form groups and play. These games in groups teaches them to take initiatives, make decisions, analyses what is necessary, makes others play, team building qualities and leadership skills. All these cannot be learnt from anywhere else. Only when children are put in the situation where these qualities are used, would they learn them effectively. It creates a strong bond between the child and the parents. Some children try to learn things on their own without the parents help. They also make new friends and explore places when they play. These trivial things taught now will help them to be better people in the future. For example: initiating a play or helping another child to play a game teaches them the quality of helping. Mainly, playing outside helps the children to breathe fresh air, and get Vitamin D which is essential for skin and bone growth. Sitting at home will not develop any of the above-mentioned skills. Children should see the world from their perspective as well.


Playing Indoors

When it comes to indoor playing, children only choose video games. These video games might help pin thinking skills and decision-making skills as well but it mostly makes the child lazy. The child or the one playing usually forgets everything and plays all the time. It can have relationship problems as well in the future. Games like and casinos are addictive as people tend to bid higher and higher. The great disadvantage is that they involve money and is strictly not for children to play. The child may click for on something which might end up hacking the payment information. It is better to play such games under the supervision of parents. It is better to play outdoors than playing video games.


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